Wednesday, Jan. 14, 2004
Dreams with Roo. Figure that'll capture someone's attention. =p

I had a total of three dreams (that I remember) and they all centered around Roo. Well, sorta. Cue Roo pummeling me for having dreams with her. Okay, now that my ass has been kicked, on to the dreams!

(Watch me abuse paragraphs to no end!!! =p~~~)

Dream One:

This dream started off in a small town like area. I rememeber seeing rail yards and a small neighborhood. It was me, my papa and one of my brothers, and were driving down this area. Papa was in the middle of conversation when he looked at me and said we should go visit Roo. I immediately disagreed with his idea, being that we were in the middle of nowhere. The other brother... I don't think did anything. We eventually drive up to a grocery store and pile out and into the place.

I walked through the differen aisles, which were very small. Only seemed to be enough room to squeeze one person down them. The shelves theyselves were a little boggling. They were near empty, with some supplies still in package, covered with plastic while some shelves were empty and only carried spider webs. The particalur aisle I looked at was shelved with giant cans of soups. I suppose I was at one of those economy sized grocery stores where you buy everything in bulk.

I continued down the aisles coming to an open space that was the fresh foods department. I noticed picking at a stand of ... uh... a round fruit/vegetable was Roo. I was filled with complete excitement like the type of where we haven't seen each other in ages. And according to this dream, we haven't. Roo said hello and I held out my arms anticapated a hug. Her eyes just rolled. In a cartoonish way, I latched onto her and her arms and legs began to flail with her screaming something along the lines of knowing that I'm happy and to let her go. ^^; I apologized. I then followed up with the line of thinking I would never see her again. She would follow up with calling me a dog, explaining that wherever she would go, I would just follow. I paused, thinking whether to take it as an insult or as a joke. I just nodded and agreed that she can't get rid of me. Disgust filled her face.

About this dog thing. I can only think of two reasons as to why this popped up. One, I watched an episode of Space Ghost the night before titled "Dreams" and in part of it, Space Ghost leashed up Moltar and referred to him as his dog. It was a very crude episode. ^^;;; Secondly, I had the thought of how I humored the idea of being Kabaji from Tennis no Oujisama for cos-play and with conincidence Roo would decide to go as Atobe. But, yeah. That's what led to that dream I believe.

Dream Two:

I suddenly don't remember as I'm trying to keep the third dream in my head and I'm probably going to run late for work. It was like a Last Starfighter dream and Roo was just there. No real role. ::shrugs::

Dream Three:

Dream Three on the other hand, I have no clue where it came from. It starts with me and Roo leaving a grocery store (a different one, like one of those Randall's Flaship stores). We drive down the road and talk about random things. Roo brings up that we should go buy some army men plastic figures and make them do stupid things and then burn them. I just kind of nodded and continued to drive. After crossing some defunct railroad tracks, Roo then says that she needs to get some money. I happened to know a small place that had an ATM she could get it from so I drive over there which just happened to be a few feet away. Roo steps out and disappears into building and I wait.

After a while, I grow bored (and oddly not worried) and step out for a little stroll. I walked quite a long distance as I went by a few office buildings and noticed a large white complex with gaps in the walls. These gaps had small rods protruding out of the sides of the wall's walkway, giving a small electical current, like something you would see in a video game. I don't know what possessed me, but I was able to jump through a gap in this electic wall and was now inside the large wall of this white complex. I walked down a long corridor and saw another walkway in the wall. I reached my hand out and got zapped by another electric wall. I began to panic. I thought Roo would be in trouble all alone in a place not normally visited by us (So, it only take me to walk a long distance in place I've never been to before and get trapped in it to worry about Roo).

I saw a doorway that wasn't blocked off and ran to it. It was simply an small office. Inside were two men and one female, all dressed nicely for business. An older looking man was addressing the female about some business matters. I just stood in the background and listened. The other male, a younger and thin looking fellow, gave notice to me and interrupt the one talking. The older man asked me what was wrong. I explained my situation and the younger man would help me. We stepped out of the office and turned the corner to an unprotected, one side opening door. He let me out. I thanked him continously as I felt like an idiot for missing such a simple exit.

I was still in a panic as I ran down the road. Now, for some odd reason, I couldn't just go around the building and run back in the direction of where I dropped Roo off. I had to take the long route. I ran down a long curving road and by a small shopping area. I remember noticing a coffee shop and thinking about it as I ran by. I hit an intersection in the road and saw an old concrete refinery/seller and knew very well where I was at. I ran some more hitting another intersection at a freeway and was at the defunct railroad tracks again. If I just ran on these old tracks, I'll get to Roo in no time. At least, that's what I thought. Again, I ran and ran, along the old tracks eventually seeing a distance, a figure tossing a hook and rope at a wall.

As I reached the figure, I would notice that it was Roo... dressed up like a ninja. She was trying to cross the wall that was infront of the railroad tracks. I don't know why, being that this wall didn't trap her in. ::shrugs:: It's a dream. I was ever so happy and relived to know that she was safe. I had to know what happened so I asked her.

She explained that she was in this mansion-like place and it was very dark except for a few dim lights (How she got there was never explained). Also, every bit of her explaination, I saw as if watching a video. She was approached by a tall, elderly figure wrapped in many long and extravigant cloths. She welcomed Roo to her home and that she was happy to have an addition like her. So, I guess this was some creepy woman who collects people? I dunno. Roo continued that she was forced to live there with other talented females in other fields. With the way she explained the story, it sounded like she was there for days. Roo hated it greatly as all the other females were like teeny-boppers and it drove her mad.

Going on with her story, one day, mail was delievered to them and the girls are squealed and cheered to Roo's disgust. Funny part is, one of the females would go on squealing that the postman was named Atobe. ^^; Again, only in a dream. The elderly woman would have Roo sit at a table with her. It looked like a kitchen of some sorts. All the other females gathered around as if some big announcement was about to be made. From a long manilla envelope, the elderly woman pulled out a black & white picture and handed it to Roo. Roo looked it over and asked what this was about.

The elderly woman would go on to tell her that the person in the picture was her mother (which looked nothing like her real mother). Roo disagreed with her. She grabbed a black marker and began to doodle on the picture. After a short minute, she lifted to picture to reveal her simple markings proved that the person in the picture was really Cruella DeVille (sp?). Yes, the one from 101 Dalmations. And then the dream would end there. I guess that was too much of a shock for me. ::shrugs::

The only thing I could think of with that reference is when I was surfing some BitTorrent downloads, I saw the 101 Dalmations video game for download. That is the only possibly conclusion I could come up with. As for the rest? I have no damn clue. And I don't remember smoking any good shit lately. @.@

But, yes. I haven't had consecutive dreams like that in a long while. Why Roo served a role in them also, I don't know. And I'll never know as I shall find death soon lingering in the form of Roo when I return home later. ^^

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